Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson have unfortunately left the world in peace =(
we'll remember all the great things they have done and the pop culture they've once brought respectively. may Farah and Michael rest in peace.......

-peace out-
xoxo whateva


my lovely cousin sis has delivered a newborn baby boy on 24th of June...and i'm officially an uncle now LOL~

KRIS ALLEN......OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually this year i wanted both to win coz they are REAL good singer ! lolx~ XD but about the winning song "No Boundaries" written by Kara was a bit disappointing coz the song was obviously too high for them, especially Kris n the lyrics ???? hhmmmm....like what Mr Cowell said, it's bout hurricanes and mountains ??? lolx~ but i still like Kara a lot though since she's worked with Kelly, recently on I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly's new single).......

congrats Kris....hopefully i'll be able to hear your songs on the radio soon !!!!

xoxo whateva


ok for starters, i'm into music thanks to Kelly Clarkson....then i started watchin American Idol n damn most of them r great ! this time season 8 its down to hottie Kris Allen n judges' favourite Adam Lambert lol.....i like both of them n with just 1 million voters in gap (which is considered a small amount in the U.S), both of them have a great chance on winning this season's American Idol !!!!!

fyi i dun really like the song Heartless by Kanye but i'm telling u, Kris has made me fallen in love with this song, but for the record its his version that i like n i still dislike the original 1...ooooppppssss...sorry Kanye's hardcore fans

and last week Daughtry debut their newest single No Surprise which i like a lot, considered i'm not a rock fan haha~ n this week Jordin Sparks debut her new single Battlefield !!! it was amazing....i LOVE the song, n she showcases star quality !!!! LOVE it XD

so now the big question is, who's the next American Idol ? Kris or Adam ?
for me, i would like................................................BOTH to win hahahahah XD

xoxo whateva XD


i've finally watched "The Devil Wears Prada" n "Twilight" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaya i know....those movies r SO yester-millenium but
they r supercool movies which i do not regret watching.....thx TV2 n my bro for the 2 shows respectively lolx~~~~
now i cant wait to watch the sequel to Twilight !!!
i dunno y but everytime i watched a jolly-good show, i'll have the urge to buy that book !!! n this year i have no idea how but i like buying books to read !!! maybe it makes me look more sophisticated ??? hahaha~ but surely i needa thanks Rachel for that coz she lend me this book called Undomestic Goddess n i started off reading books since....story books btw coz school books apparently not yet lolx~ which is a fuss for me coz i wanted to concentrate n study till my head explode !!!! i really wanna score well for STPM....fingers crossed....

xoxo whateva


if i can have teppanyaki style cooking at home, y wanna spend so much outside ??? hahahahahhaha

well its not exactly teppanyaki as u can c the pictures below lolx~~~

actually we're usin the pan or whatever its called that my dad changed with credit card points....so my mom said "let's the use it !" and so, -tada- those r food we used to cook so far hehehehe =)
xoxo whateva


the MUET test is real hard, i'm tellin y'all !!! omg !!! everyone was joking saying that we have to retake but i dun think they're kiddin but at the same time i'm finger crossin n hope that i'll get at least a band5 !!!!!!! peace =)

btw next week is going to be our speaking test n my teammates n i have been training for fifth time today n i'm kinda glad with the results of it....hopefully i wont crack during the test n everything will be A-ok hahha~ n hope that the topic given by the examiners will be a good n easy to elaborate on !!!

peace out.....

xoxo whateva


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