Taylor Swift, who melts our hearts with the song "Teardrops On My Guitar" from her 1st album, is going to release her sophomore album "Fearless". With the 1st single , "Love Story", released from the album, i'm already into the song like HELL/CHOCOLATE !!! make sure you listen to this new favourite song of mine heheheh =)

it seems that Kelly Clarkson, winner of the 1st season of American Idol, is going to release her 4th album !!! yay !!! F.Y.I she's the one who made me love songs....she introduces the world of songs to me !!! i'm waiting for it to launch (finger crossed)....love you Kelly !!!

yup, Lindsay Lohan is going to release her new album "Spirit In The Dark". with the "buzz single" released called "Bossy", produced and written by Ne-Yo, i'm lovin' it ! and can't wait for her album to come out and to listen to the 1st single "Playground" ft. Lil' Wayne...i heard that this album received good review from Ryan Seacrest himself !!! good for her =)

Leona Lewis's new single from her repackaged platinum "Spirit" is now released !!! produced by Akon, this song is something new from Leona because it's catchy hehehe =)

love it all ~~~

x.ox.o whateva

ok i know i sound childish for a 18 y.o guy but who cares when there're vanessa, ashley n zac efron are in the show huh !!!!

High School Musical 3 is coming to theatre this Oct 24 ! remember ! its THEATRE not Disney Channel =)

so fans all out there...rock it out ! XD


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