F.y.i snogging means cuddling and kissing !!! which means this movie has lots of kissing to spare ! hahahaha~


this new favourite movie of mine started of with a 'loser' girl in school where she embarrassed herself with costume as in the picture below......

BUT she has bestees that's with her all the time, comforting her, helping her to get the "sex god" she wanted...oooo, juicy huh !

what is a show without a hottie or a sexy girl ??? this time its a hottie instead and apparently the sex god is Aaron Johnson !!!!! he is damn gorgeous......girls (u know who) should watch this !!! you won't regret it XD

plus it involves sneaking as well !!!!

with G-strings to help get that extra points in front of "sex god" ??!! lmao =)

and the prizes to be claimed are these..............(droolzzzzzz)

(they're both brothers in this movie)

i am so into this show coz it does have educational value !!! hahahahahahahah~ plus its a very fun and realistic show about teenagers lolx~~~
hope y'all love it like i do *wink*
xoxo whateva



I...WAS...ON...TV... !!!

i was on tv !!!! well practically....coz its my voice that's on tv wakakakaka~
i was in my hotel room when i phoned the 8TV Quickie to get a chance to win Beyonce Knowles's I Am...Sasha Fierce CD !!!! and Emporio Armani Diamonds......omg XD i got through so i had a conversation with Belinda (a.k.a Bel) and Henry....PS : i love you guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!
but somehow or rather, i regretted saying 1 WORD on national television that's so LAME lmao XD u guys should go watch and u'll know what's the lame word that i've been talkin bout hahahahahah gosh !!!! =)
just go to 8tv.com.my and click on the "catch-up tv" and select 8TV Quickie.....then select episode with date 15/12/2008 XD

or just click on this link : 8TV QUICKIE

f.y.i i'm the 2nd caller with the name Low....just so u know hahahahhahahaha =p

have fun and I LOVE THE 8TV QUICKIE CREW !!!!!!!

xoxo whateva

ok...so i went to Genting yesterday morning for the sake of dinner buffet...but its all worth it !!! i'm telling u XD

we reached Genting First World at about 1.30 pm...then we got our number to register for the First World Hotel...its 0527 but the no. is still on 0165 (i think) at that moment...so my dad n i went to Starbucks(again) to have a drink while waiting for our no. to be called....
but then after we finished our drinks, the no. is only on 0188 !!! which was frustrating ! so i got bored.....n take a pic of myself hahahhahaha~

then i went into the restroom and look what i saw !!!!! these "advertisements" are all over the wall of each cubicle !!!!!! lmao....its so weird (and funny) looking at these words while doing "small business" swt =.=

after 5 hours of long LONG wait....our no. has finally been caled and we registered ourselves....soon after we went to the dinner buffet which is in....Coffee Terrace

this is the entrance lolx~

the dressing for the salad...the middle 1 is thousand island, the left 1 is french dressing and the right 1 is the italian dressing XD

these are the desserts they have....decorated like a christmas world =)

finally ! i've got to taste chocolate fondue which i've never tried before !!! yay XD
it is so much fun eating that hahaha~

then there came a group of people singing Christmas carol for us hehe~

these are the varieties the have for food XD

i was SO full that night that i can barely walk lolx~ we ate from 6.15pm till 9.15pm...cool huh ?! hahahahhaha XD

xoxo whateva

been to Penang and back !!! well, like 5days ago....so what ???

i went to Gurney Plaza, which is equivalent to Mid Valley, to have shopping !!! and i have my very 1st Starbucks coffee there XD i drank Dark Cherry Frappucino hahahaha~ which was the daily special.......

went to an isolated area where there's a restaurant that serves delicious cheese LOBSTER. OMG !!! not sure 'bout the name of the restaurant though hehe =)

this DKNY bag is NICE NICE NICE !!!!!! i wanted to get 1 but it can be only given to those who buy 2 sets of perfumes which worth RM100 something each ! lolx~~~
FYi it's not for sale either zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

this is the DKNY new perfume container whick looks exactly like an apple XD creative huh ?!

been shopping hahahahahahahahaha~ PDI has lots of offers !!!! call me cheap !!! but who can stand gorgeous clothes with the price of "cheaper than normal" ???? haha~

that's my cousin, Sook May, trying to imitate the model of a perfume ad lolx~~~

Sook May again in a temple where we started taking nice views with us in it of course =P

same view....but hey, different model !!!

my hands are small c0ompared to the temple ! look ^^^^^ =P

that's about it hehehehe.....
xoxo whateva


well its miss Britney Spears !!!! with her new album "Circus"......

her 1st single , "Womanizer", has already scored #1 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart !!!!

and this video i found on youtube really proves that she's back on track to be Pop Queen XD

this video is her perfomance in an award show....Enjoy =)

and btw, i spot this new fragrance picture of Beyonce !!!!!! it's called "Diamonds" by Armani....

lucky me =)

and so i found the commercial on youtube....enjoy it too !!!

xoxo whateva XD


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