i won't be online-ing in anytime soon so miss me ya ! hehe...i'm going to ns dy so i'll be distant from modern worlds n live a world without mobile phones and internet haha...

wish me luck ya !

peace out lolx...


once again i'm in full sober condition !!! but this time around its not bout missing my friends...instead its bout me ! i don't know what's happening to me !!!

i was frustrated when my parents keep blabbering me bout things to take or buy for NS...but the thing is i know they mean it good and get me well prepared for NS that's why i was hard on myself coz i'm now feeling guilty...i'm going to terengganu in 2 days and i don't want my relationship wif my parents in bad condition when i'm taking off to NS !

it'll makes me feel uncomfortable and full of guilt...plus not in peace ! i even release my anger but for some reasons though...

haiz....i really hope everything will get well....the thing is i keep thinking that i might die there in NS and i keep saying that to my parents...i juz don't know why but i hope that evryhting goes well too in NS !!!

to my parents,
i'm sorry for keep saying that i'll die but its all because of you all keep making me "fan" wif those "speech" of yours...so i juz say i'll die there juz to stop y'all from making me feel even more confuse and not in peace ! you know how it felt , right ?!




signing off (peace ya),


hey y'all !!! today i went shopping again...yay !!! but something happened....(go figure!)
my windows live messenger is corrupted with VIRUS !!! so i can't chat wif my beloved frens that makes me sober u know ?! actually i received 1 file from my fren which i thought was a picture...then when i opened it...virus came along n my messenger keep sending the very same file to all my contacts...haiz.....

now the day of going to national service is getting nearer n nearer...i've started to pack all (well ! not all !) my stuffs...without even hav the chance to say bye bye now since my messenger had virus, i'll remember y'all my beloved frens at all times n hope we can stil be in contact after i came back from ns ya !!! afterall, we're best buddies hahaz....

so all i can do now is hav connection wif my frens through blog o frenster n hp lo...lolx....i really really REALLY miss y'all...although i've said it lik a MILLION times, i stil wanna say i miss y'all...

don't ever forget me ya my friends !!! or else i'll come find you to remind u coz i'm desperate hahaz...to hav a friend that remember me i mean hehe...

hav fun ya y'all !!! i'll maybe write again in this blog lik after 3 months ?! hehe...

-peace out-

with love,
low_harng a.k.a old_harng=)

lol...hi everyone !!! merry christmas to everyone first of all hehe...hope y'all hav a fun n great christmas lolx...i'm going for national service dy this coming saturday and u guess wat ??? i hav to cut the same old hair style again...crew cut !!! haha...anyway i've been having a lot of fun wif my friends and as i told y'all earlier...i'll miss them until the day i "go" somewhere else and hope that we'll stil be in contact wif each other !!! i love y'all friends and y'all the best i've ever had !!! not to mention too...i miss my parents n family lik grandma n cousins a lot and i mean A LOT !!! haha... i hope that i'll meet n make a lot of friends there in terengganu...plus hoping that the whole experience will be joyful for me !!! i'm going till nex year march 11...so i'll be away for lik 2 n a half months...

so here...i wanna hope my frens happy new year n chinese new year too haha...i'll be back soon to write my blog n i hope i can share my wonderful experience wif y'all !!! haha...

peace y'all...my friends


hah ! came back from pangkor today...(technically yesterday ! since its now 12.30am)...going all these places wif my frens, makes me miss them even more ! n right now i really miss them n trying to resist myself from crying because i REALLY miss all of them ! they're my frens n i'm their fren...but sadly in this world, leaving is a part of our lives n the clock is still tick-tocking ! but i would sacrifice my everything juz to remove the "leaving" part out of my life ! sob...i really don't want to be away from all of my frens la... haiz...especially some frens that are close to me n the ones i would like to make frens wif !

btw being in pangkor wasn't that boring lik ppl told me after all ! haha...it was full of laughter n gambling too ! hahaz...going all round on the island wif my frens is the best during the trip...everything went smoothly n fun...(ah ! i miss them soooo much !)... although i cut some wounds on my feet while swimming in the deep deep sea haha....not that i went to the deeep place la...but it was still worthwhile coz ppl who are around me are the BEST afterall !

here i would lik to say its nice being frens wif all of you, n i would lik to see each other again, again n again ! i'm really gonna miss u all, MY FRENS ! i love u all !


with much (the most) LOVE from,
low_harng... :)

peace y'all !


hmm....long time didn write in my blog dy hehe... first of all...i want to thank god coz everything bout the national service medical check-up is finally done ! and f.y.i i stil need to go haha...but this time i hav a different thought of the national service , that is i'm now more willingly to go lol... soooo hope god will ensure my safety n health are in the best condition hihi...this change of mind happened when i was told that i might not be going to ns due to my ingrown toenail... that was the time where i was hoping that i can go ! strange right !? maybe i'm the type of person who don't want what i can get but want it when i could not get ! hahaz... btw tmr i'll be going to pangkor island wif my frens that could hardly be seen these days hehe... so i was kind of excited n worry at the same time coz most of the ppl been there said that it might be boring if stayed there for too long ! so i hope everything would be fine and fun ! it's all bout FUN when being wif frens beside study right !!! haha...

anyway THE END...

peace y'all my friends !


on the way going back from genting...f.y.i. i took a bus wif my fren but on the way something happened ! i fall down in the bus where everyone are looking at me wif the feeling that i'm a weirdo ! omg !!! hahaz...luckily i was able to reach home safely n no more falling down in the bus haha... peace !


HAI Y'ALL...last sat n sun i went to genting wif my frens...but the sad thing is the weather is too foggy sooooo we all cannot play the outdoor games ! sad right !? anyway we watched a movie called "The Golden Compass"...it was REALLY nice...you frens out there should check it out ! log on to their website too to fing what's your "daemon" ! haha...f.y.i mine is RIRE-a moth daemon hehe...its beautiful ! then later on e walk inside the indoor games place where i dunno what it is called haha...we watched the movie at 1.30 n finished on 3.something something hihi...taking pictures of christmas lol...then we went back to the place we're stayin n chat till morning a.k.a non-sleep chatting ! haha...the weird thing is that i don't feel cold where everyone else are chilling till shivering ! lolx... anyway i had a lot of fun !!! btw i hav to thanks grace for the "sponsorship" hahaz...peace y'all ! hav fun !


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hey y'all !!! omg ! i'm feelin very down today coz i did something that was totally wrong ! I RELEASED MY RAGE AT MY DAD !!! and i could never forgive myself for doing that because he n my mom were the one who always care for me but one thing is for sure is that i din't appreciate it...duh ! from the way i acted sob... i really regret though...i'm lik wanting to burst into tears right now writing this blog...it was a small matter but the hot-tempered me ( yea guess wat !?) juz couldn't resist letting off my rage n ( tada !) my dad is the one who got a taste of my rage ! i was really sorry but its kinda hard for me to say it to him but at the deep end of my heart, i'll always love him n cherish every moment i spent with him...its juz somehow proves that i'm an unworthy son n problematic ! so...i'm writing this blog coz i felt that its lik a way for me to relieve my sorrow n regrets but i know that its the best way to tell my parents that i'm sorry face to face... but yet still, its kinda hard comin out from my mouth...i'm sorry ! I'M TERRIBLY SORRY, PARENTS !


hey frens y'all...its a very coooooling morning today....i wasn't getting any real sleep coz i'm stil thinking about how would i'd be when i go for ns ! anyway i wanna tell u all something really really REALLY funny ! it was 2 days ago that i went to a government hospital for a medical check-up...then the doctor ordered me to have a urine test duh ! so i went to the counter n ask for a plastic cup for "u know wat!"... then i asked the nurse where i should do the "u know wat !"...mayb i've mistaken her direction o watsoever so i went to a normal toilet to do "that thing"...then i hav to carry the plastic cup full of "u know wat !" passing through lik 50-100 ppl in the hospital juz to walk to the counter....its lik the longest walk ever n i was blushing coz its really embarassing u know ! and so when i pass the plastic cup to the nurse i've only found out that there was a place specially for ppl doin blood o urine test n its juz nex to the counter n guess wat ? no need to pass through lotzzz of ppl coz there was a place right there for u to put ur plastic cup in the "special toilet" ! i was lik omg !!! hahaz....anyway peace y'all !


hi everyone...i really wanna tell someone dat actually i really sucks in computer stuffs but lately i saw XXX's blog n "it" really inspired me to do something that i thought all along was wrong..."it" really awaken me to do something more useful n benefitial as well....i really lik the "it" a lot n f.y.i. i saw this blog accidentally n i got really hooked up wif it coz its a real life experience dat i never had....from then on i promised myself not to do things that could hurt myself n the others around me...o even screwed my future...pls do take good care of urself !!! that's my advice to everyone including me of course haha...best of luck to everyone ya !!!


hey !!! i was wondering if u guys who have been to ns would give me some advice on how to get along with friends...tasks...n more....haha....pls !!! i do appreciate it hehe...

graduation has been tough for me because i'm a sensitive person with brittle heart......living in this school life has brought me countless of memories (good n bad) n laughter... though we all are going our separate ways, i do hope that we'll be in contact with each other no matter what !!! miss you all...MY FRIENDS

hey frens n strangers !!!

i juz wanna say that i'm happy with most part of my life n i hope you all will too... i'm new here so care to give me some guideness ??? hahaz... anyway, i hope i can stretch my wings and be free from problems and "stuffs" ...


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