AMERICAN IDOL 8 IS.............

KRIS ALLEN......OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!! actually this year i wanted both to win coz they are REAL good singer ! lolx~ XD but about the winning song "No Boundaries" written by Kara was a bit disappointing coz the song was obviously too high for them, especially Kris n the lyrics ???? what Mr Cowell said, it's bout hurricanes and mountains ??? lolx~ but i still like Kara a lot though since she's worked with Kelly, recently on I Do Not Hook Up (Kelly's new single).......

congrats Kris....hopefully i'll be able to hear your songs on the radio soon !!!!

xoxo whateva

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  1. 小羽 said...
    jz drop by
    to say hi

    wat a ur stlye blog...haha
    jz like u...
    no eyebrow ne!!!

    jz kidding...^^

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