ok for starters, i'm into music thanks to Kelly Clarkson....then i started watchin American Idol n damn most of them r great ! this time season 8 its down to hottie Kris Allen n judges' favourite Adam Lambert lol.....i like both of them n with just 1 million voters in gap (which is considered a small amount in the U.S), both of them have a great chance on winning this season's American Idol !!!!!

fyi i dun really like the song Heartless by Kanye but i'm telling u, Kris has made me fallen in love with this song, but for the record its his version that i like n i still dislike the original 1...ooooppppssss...sorry Kanye's hardcore fans

and last week Daughtry debut their newest single No Surprise which i like a lot, considered i'm not a rock fan haha~ n this week Jordin Sparks debut her new single Battlefield !!! it was amazing....i LOVE the song, n she showcases star quality !!!! LOVE it XD

so now the big question is, who's the next American Idol ? Kris or Adam ?
for me, i would like................................................BOTH to win hahahahah XD

xoxo whateva XD


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